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    Irene Pilch, left, a volunteer church secretary for 40 years, talks with John Halat and his sister Loretta Prohownik, both of Allen Park, before the mass.
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    Geraldine Helka of Trenton blesses herself as she enters the church.
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    One of the church's many stained glass windows.
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    Altar server Preston Menos, 8, of Howell stands by as people enter the church.
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    The Rev. Edward Zaorski enters the church. "It's not easy, but we have to move on," says Zaorski. He said the church had 2,000 families at its peak.
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    From left, the Rev. Edward Zaorski, altar server Preston Menos and Deacon Norbert Motowski of River Rouge enter the church.
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    Deacon Norbert Motowski, altar server Preston Menos and the Rev. Edward Zaorski walk down the aisle.
  • SJC LM Img009
    Painted statues at the church depict Mary and Jesus after the Crucifixion.
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    Music minister Steven Frayer of Westland plays the organ and sings at the service.
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    A smaller stained glass window at the church bears an eagle on a shield.
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    Another of the stained glass windows.
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    Deacon Norbert Motowski assists during the Saturday mass.
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    An overview of the church, which will remain open to celebrate its 105th anniversary with a mass this Sunday.
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    Father Edward Zaorski leads a celebration of mass at St. John Cantius Catholic Church in Southwest Detroit on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2007. The church, which has seen rising costs and falling membership, will be hold a farewell mass Oct. 28.
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    Another of the stained glass windows.
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    Deacon Norbert Motowski is assisted by altar server Preston Menos at the mass.
  • SJC LM Img018
    The exterior of the church in Southwest Detroit.

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