I bought the domain name of Old Delray five years ago in 2003, and for the most part just put this project on the shelf until now. I had the foresight to save intact the information from several web sites that are now defunct. I have reprocessed this information here and presented here. This information is too important to be trusted just to page links. This information belongs to, “We the people.” When ever possible I made it a point to credit the original source, and never tried to claim it as my own. The material and its copyright remain the property of the original source. I receive no monetary compensation or financial benefit from its presentation here. I do it only as a public service and to pay tribute to all four of my immigrant grandparents who called Delray home for most of there lives.  I am pushing seventy now, and the time to act is now to preserve the rich history of the community of Delray. My parents were born and raised here and so was I. I remember Delray the way it was in the forties. I am a child of Old Delray. This grandson remembers his heritage in Old Delray. I will return someday when I am laid to rest amongst my grandparents in Woodmere Cemetery.

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