The Burton Photo Collection of Delray

Barber shop of Dan Ross, 1910
Delray Theater on Jefferson Ave., 1933
Two young women(Julia Nemeth(m.Varga) left, and her best friend) in ethnic dress stand in front of the Delray Theatre, holding a movie poster for a Hungarian film.
Frank Building, council chambers and clerk's office, in; Babas Studio; c.1900
George and Dennis Rooney in 1949; 1949
Hardware store and residence of Theodore Harms
Horse-drawn delivery wagon for A.R. Andrews
Hungarian Colony Bar
Hungarian Village 1930
McMillen School class; 1892-1893
Potts Salt and Lumber Co. new dock c. 1898; c.1898
Residence and store of J.H. Benn with family about 1895; c.1895
Solvay Hospital in Delray
Women pose in front of Delray Theatre; c.1950
Two young women in ethnic dress stand in front of the Delray Theatre on Jefferson Avenue in Detroit.
St. John's Evangelical Church in Delray, Burdeno & Moore St
Zug Island 1930



Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Reproduced with their permission

Early Detroit Images from the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library



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